Speakers are the voice of any set-up. It utters every single note to make it into the desirable tune of emotions that we hear. From traditional bookshelves to space saving satellites, we have what you need for your music and movies.

  • Cambridge Minx TV


    Too often, super-slim TV screens mean super-slim speakers, compromising sound quality. Your flat TV ends up sounding… flat. Minx TV is a simple, powerful one-box upgrade that gives your big screen oomph for action, clarity for dialogue and fidelity for music.


    If you want a simple solution that avoids the clutter of surround sound speakers, Minx TV is hard to beat. Unlike soundbars, it delivers a punchy performance without the need for an external subwoofer, avoiding any extra clutter in your living room.


    As well as featuring a built-in subwoofer to minimise clutter and maximise simplicity, Minx TV fits neatly under your TV and is simple to set up. Just plug in power and connect to your TV’s audio output. There are three ways to connect (optical, RCA or 3.5mm headphone jack) so it works with any television. It even comes with all the cables you could need and a slender remote control to set volume, input and sound mode.

    Bluetooth streaming is equally straightforward. Press one button on the remote control and your smartphone, tablet or laptop can discover it. Minx TV can remember up to eight devices, so the whole family can wirelessly stream their music to it.


    Minx TV has a built-in, downwards-firing subwoofer to boost bass. Unlike sound bars, there’s no need to plug in an external sub. And because the sub points downwards, positioning is unimportant and the speaker cone is safe from knocks.


    Minx TV uses advanced technology developed for music and movie production to get the biggest sound possible in its compact enclosure. The results are truly amazing, with sound that’s louder, crisper and fuller than other TV one-box systems.


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  • Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 400

    • Big speaker sound from small, easily placed satellite and center channel speakers
    • Pure aluminum tweeters deliver clear, sweet high frequency sounds
    • Pressure-coupled mid-bass radiators deliver smooth, rich sound from small cabinets
    • 150-Watt powered subwoofer, with a down-firing, long-throw, 8-inch driver and floor-coupled reinforcing port, produces rich, satisfying bass from a small cabinet
    • Satellites and center speaker can be shelf or wall mounted
    • All component parts of the system are packaged in one carton for your convenience

    ProCinema 400 Subwoofer / Satellite System – Easy To Place, Easy to Enjoy
    The ProCinema 400 System is a 6-piece home theater system, incorporating four identical, easy to place satellite speakers for front and surround channels, a matching center channel loudspeaker, and a robust powered subwoofer. But don’t let its small size and affordable price fool you—the ProCinema 400 is a remarkably sophisticated product with huge sound. The system’s components incorporate many of the same technologies as Definitive’s top-of-the-line models, including drivers with butyl rubber surrounds, pure aluminum dome tweeters, planar pressure coupled mid/bass radiators, and a 150-Watt powered subwoofer. The result is home theater sound quality that will astound your friends and family when they hear your system.

    Superior Components and Bass Radiator Technology Deliver Better Sound
    How does the ProCinema 400 system sound so good, despite its small size and modest price? One key factor is the performance of the small satellite speakers. Most small satellites lack warmth and body, sounding “thin” and reedy when vocal music is played. The ProCinema 400 satellites have mid-bass drivers featuring butyl rubber surrounds, for long excursion without distortion. Butyl rubber surrounds cancel excessive energy within the driver, and last for years.

    The driver is pressure-coupled to a 3-1/2 inch lower midrange radiator, which is mounted at the top of the satellite cabinet. The lower midrange radiator extends the bass response of the driver, to smoothly meet the subwoofer’s upper-end response. You get rich, full sound from easy to place cabinets.

    Center channel excellence
    The center channel speaker is the most important speaker in a home theater setup. As much as 75% of a movie’s soundtrack is played by the center channel speaker, including the crucial dialog and mid-screen special effects. The ProCinema 400’s center channel boasts twin 3 ½ inch mid-bass drivers for room-filling sound, and a ¾” pure aluminum tweeter for smooth, extended high frequencies. The drivers are pressure-coupled to a pair of side-firing, 3-1/2 inch lower-midrange radiators, for smooth, extended frequency response that mates beautifully with the system’s subwoofer for cohesive, exciting home theater and music.

    Big bass from a small box
    What is home theater without powerful, authoritative bass? Music and movie soundtracks convey their emotion, pace and rhythm through the subwoofer. The ProCinema 400’s compact, powerful subwoofer features a 8″ driver and 150-Watt amplifier, for the kind of explosive special effects and full-range music that make your home entertainment system fun and exciting to listen to. A custom-designed, down-firing port enhances the rich bass performance.

    Easily integrates into your home
    These small satellites are beautifully styled, with high-gloss black lacquer finish and curves worthy of an Italian sportscar. Their compact cabinets can be shelf-mounted with their detachable bases; wall mounted, using the rear integrated key-hole, or wall mounted using the optional ProMount 80 pivot mount.

    The sound
    The new ProCinema 400 system is an amazing value. It offers a broad, expansive soundstage, with powerful bass and clean, clear mid and high frequencies, at an unheard-of price. Never before has Definitive Technology been able to offer this level of performance for music and movie listening in such an affordable package.

  • Definitive Technology AW6500

    • 6-1/2 inch active driver pressure coupled to a 5-1/2 x 10 inch racetrack-shaped Planar Low Bass Radiator has total bass radiating area greater than a 10 inch woofer to belt out powerful bass that fills outdoor areas with rich big speaker sound
    • Fully sealed design, aluminum grilles, and rugged PolyStone enclosures, the AW6500s can be fully exposed to the elements and still reliably deliver their indoor speaker sound quality for years of outdoor listening enjoyment
    • Integrated galvanized steel mounting brackets and unique enclosure shape allow a full 360 degrees of rotation for maximum placement flexibility
    • AW speakers feature the same technologies found in Definitive’s top-of-the-line indoor speakers for no compromise sound quality
    • Available in Black and (paintable) White finish
    • Five Year Limited warranty
    • Packaged one to a cartonLegendary Definitive Performance-Outdoors!
      Now you can enjoy the incomparable sound of Definitive Technology anywhere around your home with the groundbreaking AW6500 All-Weather loudspeakers. These technology-packed wonders feature high excursion active drivers pressure-coupled to racetrack-shaped Low-Bass Radiators to give you more than double the bass output while maintaining a weather-tight seal for ultimate placement flexibility, reliability, and performance.

      With their fully sealed design, aluminum grilles, and rugged PolyStone enclosures, the AWs can be fully exposed to the elements and still reliably deliver their indoor speaker sound quality for years of outdoor listening enjoyment. Their integrated galvanized steel brackets and unique shape allow a full 360 degrees of rotation allowing the listener to orient the active drivers toward the listening area. Pointing the active driver baffle towards the listener while the Low-Bass Radiator side faces the wall or ground gives you the ideal balance of clear mids, extended highs, and thunderous bass even in the tough acoustic conditions of the great outdoors. Now you can have it all — the great sound of Definitive indoor speakers on the patio, deck, garden, or in the sauna.

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  • Definitive Technology W Studio

    Sound Bar System with Wireless Streaming
    The W Studio sound bar system is Definitive Technology’s flagship
    wireless soundbar that perfectly blends high-performance theater sound
    with hi-resolution musical reproduction. The W Studio’s purposefully
    slim design (only 3.5” deep) is only overshadowed by its fit and finish,
    featuring solid aluminum end caps. The W Studio uses Definitive
    Technology’s proprietary Spatial Array technology that aids in creating
    a high-definition, room-filling 5.1 channel surround sound experience.
    The compact wireless subwoofer creates waves of big bass via its
    downward firing 8-inch woofer, bass port and robust 200 Watt amplifier.
    HDMI switching for both audio and video maximizes this home theater’s
    high performance potential.


    What Obsession Sounds Like
    There’s a fine line between loving music and being obsessed with it.
    When it comes to making music sound the best it can sound, we have a hard
    time believing that good enough is acceptable. It has to be flawless. Perfect.
    Uncompromising. In short, we think it would be crazy to give music anything
    less than everything it deserves.

    Start with one, then add throughout your home
    The W Studio is part of Definitive Technology’s Wireless Collection which is an
    all-encompassing solution for distributing audiophile-grade music anywhere or
    everywhere in your home. Stream your favorite music services, internet radio and
    your personal digital music library all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Definitive Technology Apps
    The free Definitive Technology App allows you to mix-and-match speakers with the open PlayFi™ Technology standard and future-proof your home music solution. The Definitive Technology Utility App provides extended functionality, including product firmware updates, source selection (if applicable) and EQ settings for the W Amp.

  • Definitive Technology BP8080ST System

    The ultimate bipolar loudspeaker home theater system

    BP-8080ST SuperTowers with Built-in Powered Subwoofers

    • Forward Focused Bipolar Array technology (speakers on front and back of enclosure) for huge room-filling sound for every listener in the room
    • Built-in powered subwoofers deliver massive bass, eliminates need for separate subwoofer
    • Patented second generation BDSS high-Definition midrange drivers for life-like tonal balance, superb intelligibility and broad dispersion
    • Slim Designer enclosure takes up barely over 1 square foot of floor spaceThe BP-8080ST is a third generation BP SuperTower and makes use of our most advanced technologies, including a new patent-pending approach to bipolar speaker design called Forward Focused Bipolar Array, Digital Signal Processing amplifier and our patented BDSS driver technology. The BP-8080ST SuperTower is the crowning achievement of over 20 years of research and development to create the perfect balance of style, convenience, and most of all performance in a floor-standing loudspeaker.

      Read more about the BP-8080ST

      CS-8080HD center channel loudspeaker with built-in powered subwoofer

    • Definitive’s best center channel loudspeaker and the perfect match for BP-8080ST SuperTower® main speakers
    • Built-in 5×10-inch powered subwoofer with twin 5 x 10 bass radiators for ultimate performance and dynamic impact
    • Second generation BDSS high-definition drivers for life-like tonal balance, superb intelligibility and broad dispersion
    • One 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeterAll Definitive CS series center channel models are designed with the same rigid standards and high performance goals as main left and right front speakers and feature wide frequency response and extended dynamic range with extraordinary detail and articulation.

      Read more about the CS-8080HD

      SR-8080BP bipolar surround speakers

    • The perfect surround speaker for BP-8080ST SuperTower® front speakers
    • Bipolar dispersion pattern (speakers on front and back) for totally enveloping surround sound that puts you in the action
    • The same highest quality components as Definitive’s front channel speakers for seamless soundstaging
    • Two 4-1/2 inch die cast basket patented BDSS drivers and two 1 inch pure aluminum dome tweeters
    • Easy wall mount system includedThe SR-8080HD is built to the same high construction and performance standards as Definitive’s left and right front speakers and includes features like high-definition second generation BDSS bass/midrange drivers, wide-dispersion pure aluminum dome tweeters, complex Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks and solid cabinets. It can be mounted to a wall with the supplied plate or placed on a shelf or stand for the ultimate in surround sound realism.

      Read more about the SR-8080BP

      All of the components in this system are packaged and sold separately. This system includes 2 ea. BP-8080ST, 1 each CS-8080HD and 2 each SR-8080BP.

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  • Polk TSx440T

    Take a stand for bold audio

    Three high performance bi-laminate drivers tuned with our Dynamic Balance technology reveal the length and breadth of your favorite music or movie audio. A superior state-of-the-art silk/polymer dome tweeter keeps highs detailed and clear, with no listening fatigue, even at lifelike volume levels. Combined in a non-resonant enclosure (that looks like a million bucks) with a critically tuned flared bass venting port system, for astonishingly well-blended deep bass effects, and you have a floorstanding loudspeaker that pairs audiophile performance, good looks, and reasonable price. A Polk classic!

    TSx440T Features:

      • TSx Series bi-laminate driver cones, tuned perfectly with our Dynamic Balance® process, produce smooth, natural sound. They are lightweight, but super stiff, with exceptional damping, for high efficiency and low distortion.
      • Unlike horns or metal domes, silk/polymer dome tweeters deliver clear and detailed highs, without fatigue, even at high volume, and reveal more realistic vocal reproduction.
      • Surprisingly deep, musical bass response thanks to a 3-inch critically tuned flared port, which minimizes port noise (“chuffing”) and smooths the turbulence of port air flow, to reveal full-bodied bass that blends effortlessly with the speaker’s overall dynamics.
      • All Polk loudspeakers are timbre-matched within their series, designed with the same components throughout, to achieve seamless speaker-to-speaker blending effects in multi-channel systems.
      • The high efficiency design of the TSx Series works well with practically any electronics, even the most modestly-powered amplifier or receiver, delivering a performance that’s spacious and clear, natural and realistic.
      • Our high performance crossover system boosts performance with premium components (like mylar bypass capacitors, which reveal extended high frequency details); these are usually found only on much more expensive loudspeakers.
      • Dual gold-plated, professional-style 5-way binding posts, for the most secure connection options.
      • Dual binding posts allow bi-amp or bi-wire connections, for the ultimate in customized high performance audio.
      • Unique new curved enclosure design in non-resonant MDF creates a rigid, acoustically inert space, with non-parallel curved side panels that effectively reduce audible coloration.


  • Polk Omni SB1 Soundbar

    Omni: The First Great-Sounding Wireless Music System

    Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system. 

    The Omni SB1 with Polk VoiceAdjust™ Technology is a voice-optimizing 3.1 sound bar system that creates a broad, enveloping soundstage for movies, music and more. The SB1’s VoiceAdjust Technology utilizes the optimized 3-speaker array with controllable voice channel level to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue. The included 8” wireless subwoofer gives the SB1 system a rich bottom end while eliminating the clutter of wires.
    Music and Movie Immersion Modes enable you to tailor the bar’s soundfield for a more immersive listening experience.
    Polk’s exclusive Full Complement Bass Technology lets the bar reproduce its lowest range easily, creating a warm, bass-rich timbre at lower distortionand higher volumes.
    SmartBar™ enables your sound bar to learn your TV’s original IR remote control commands so you can control your soundbar with your TV remote (Backup remote included).
    Dolby Digital decoding includes Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0.
    All the music you love, anywhere in your home.

    Music Services

    Stream the most popular online music services including Pandora and Songza. Services like KKBox, QQMusic and Deezer are available in select countries

    The Omni SB1 is part of the Omni Collection, a series of wireless products that allow you to control what you want to listen to from your phone, tablet or computer and stream it wirelessly to any room. Plus, you can start with one and then add throughout your home.

    Polk Omni Apps

    The free Polk Omni App allows you to mix-and-match speakerswith the open Play-Fi™ Technology and future-proof your home music solution. Stream the same music to every room or stream different songs to different rooms. The Polk Omni Utility App gives you extended functionality, including product firmware updates, source selection (if applicable) and EQ settings for the A1 Amp.

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  • Polk Lsi9

    The best bookshelf in the LSi series, LSi9 speakers sound incredible. You can enjoy them with or without a subwoofer. Set them on a shelf or sturdy stands and let them sing. With each speaker containing a ring radiator tweeter, cascaded dual 5¼” drivers, PowerPort and usable response below 40 Hz, your music and movies will come to life.

  • Polk Lsi7

    LSi7 sounds just as wonderful as all of its bigger brothers, with a little less bass. Works great for a system not needing as much power, yet it’s extremely versatile. You can use it as a front channel or a surround speaker. Lsi7 also has a keyhole slot for easy wall mounting. This speaker is a real gem and will run rings around most bookshelf sized speakers on the market. Add a subwoofer and you’ve got the whole package.

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