Unicorn Electronics was established in Singapore in 1983. Between the period 1985 and 2000, we specialized in the distribution of general consumer electronics goods. And in 1999, under the stewardship of Eric Yee, Unicorn took the bold step to restructure its organization and started focusing on exclusive high-end audio products. As a result, we have managed to move ahead of our competitors significantly, bringing consumers high quality audio products and accessories from all over the world to this region. In 2004, we rebranded ourselves as Unicorn Sound & Vision as we began offering visual products as well.

Since then, many more brands have joined us under the Unicorn umbrella in both Singapore and Malaysia, allowing us to bring some of the best products from around the world to our customers. The expansion of our product portfolio has enabled customer access to more products and also enabled us to offer more choice to our customers.

Currently, Unicorn represents more than 65% of the audio distribution market in both Singapore and Malaysia and we continue to grow. In addition, as compared to our competitors, we distribute brands with the highest number of WHAT HIFI 5 STAR awards.

Looking into the future, we will continue to take the lead role in consolidating the market via our vast network of dealers and our visionary management of our product offerings. We adopt a shared destiny relationship with our dealers, principal partners as well as our customers. This we believe is crucial because our purpose is aligned towards the same end. We exist to build the bridge to meet the demands of our customers, to exhaust our resources in order to bring the best products to our customers.