Speakers need to be driven and given the power to come alive with the music you are playing. We have selected some of the best components in the world and bring to you the best at every level for you to enjoy, whether it is a CD player, Turntable, DAC or amplifier.

  • Cambridge Azur 751R V2


    The new and improved Azur 751R V2 features HDMI 1.4 which allows for 4K pass through for even crisper visuals. The 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, are all 4K and 3D compatible, and there is 200 watts rms per channel in 6 Ohms (two channels driven), and ATF2 audio upsampling technology which upsamples all incoming audio to 24-bit/192kHz. All of this helps to deliver a powerful and immersive home cinema experience.


    As well as comprehensive upscaling and upsampling capabilities, the 751R V2 has a full range of top-end home cinema receiver features: 7.1 analogue inputs and outputs (with option to run twin subwoofers), and a comprehensive range of HDMI inputs and outputs.

    The 751R V2 has 6 HDMI inputs and 2 outputs, all of which are 4K and 3D compatible and support for an audio return channel (ARC). The 751R V2 even has an asynchronous USB audio input, acting as a high quality external soundcard, allowing you to send up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files to the 751R V2 from your computer.


    The 751R V2 features two HDMI outputs. These can be used to run two displays at the same time; ideal if you have a screen in a second room, or want to use a projector for movies, but a TV screen for day to day use.

    For full flexibility, you can run an independent zone 2 output from the 751R V2 meaning you can run audio and video into a second room and then watch or listen to different sources in both rooms. Our zone 2 also features our unique “Follow Main” option. “Follow Main” lets you listen to the same digital source that is playing in the main room, in the second room (most modern amps will only let you hear analogue sources in the second room).


    You can easily set up the 751R V2 by yourself using the Audyssey 2EQ auto speaker setup. For quick and simple installation in any room this system uses the supplied microphone to perform multiple measurements of the listening environment and automatically sets the receiver up for optimum use dependent on your room’s acoustics.


    With the very latest technologies – including the Texas Instruments dual 32-bit DSP for compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats, including 4K and 3D video, the 751R V2 will handle future formats for years to come.


    Personal preferences and room restrictions means every 5.1 or 7.1 speaker configuration will be slightly different, so it is possible the original mastertrack of a 7.1 soundtrack was mastered with a different speaker layout than the one in your home. There are seven different layouts used by DTS (Digital Theater Surround) for DTS HD and DTS HD Master soundtracks. To ensure you enjoy the sound as the original sound engineers intended (without moving the speakers every time) the 751R V2 will electronically reposition each speaker to create the same experience as the recording studio or cinema.


    We only use pure audiophile components, from the high quality DACs and dedicated USB audio input for your computer, to the audiophile grade, oversize toroidal transformer which is why the 751R V2 is one of the most powerful AV receivers in its class, outputting 200 watts per channel! The 751R V2 even features our proprietary ATF2 audio upsampling technology, which upsamples all incoming audio to 24-bit/192kHz to deliver the highest quality sound with the lowest possible distortion and jitter.

    The 751R V2 has two powerful Texas Instruments 32-bit DSPs which not only ensure compatibility with all the latest CODECs and formats, including 4K and 3D video, but also carry out complicated post-processing functions. This allows us to perform things like DTS remapping, and height channel processing, so that whatever your speaker configuration and whatever the source, you’ll be getting the best possible sound quality.

    We then use a 3rd DSP which runs our proprietary ATF2 audio upsampling technology. This upsamples all audio to 24-bit/192kHz, providing the ultimate sound quality from all sources.

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  • Cambridge Stream Magic 6 V2


    The Stream Magic 6 V2 improves on its predecessor, the award winning Stream Magic 6, by using a brand new and far more powerful streaming module giving you much faster access to the wide range of digital music in your home and allowing you to play it back in the highest quality possible plus it now supports up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files and Spotify Connect.


    Thanks to the new processor architecture, the Stream Magic 6 V2 is more than four times more powerful than the Stream Magic 6 original and over twice as fast, delivering smoother, lower jitter playback of your music. This extra processing power also means that the Stream Magic 6 V2 can play everything from compressed MP3 formats, up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files wirelessly over your home network, or from connected USB hard drives.


    Wherever your digital audio comes from, whatever format you store it in, the Stream Magic 6 V2 network music player makes it sound amazing!

    From smartphones/tablets and laptops, to Blu-ray players, TVs and games consoles, and with support for audio streaming services including BBC iPlayer, Aupeo, and Pandora plus access to over 20,000+ Internet radio stations – the Stream Magic 6 V2 doesn’t just stream audio on to your hi-fi amp and speakers, but dramatically improves it as it does – bringing out the ultimate in detail, clarity and quality from your digital audio.

    By using our unique digital signal processor (DSP) in combination with our adaptive time filtering (ATF2) upsampling process, all your audio is now upsampled to a high quality 24-bit/192kHz output. Find out more about this impressive technology in the video opposite.


    Everything that passes through the Stream Magic 6 V2 is upsampled, using our unique ATF2 (Adaptive Time Filtering) process, developed in conjunction with Anagram Technologies of Switzerland, through a high-end Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor), to ultra-high detail 24-bit 384kHz output.

    As well as dragging extra detail from every source (even CD, Blu-ray and “Lossless” digital files), ATF2 virtually eliminates “jitter” common in playing digital audio files – which can lead to a flatter, lifeless sound with tinnier bass response. Those problems vanish when digital audio’s put through Stream Magic 6 V2.


    Use our free Stream Magic Remote app to bring full control of Stream Magic 6 V2 to your fingertips. Access music stored across your home network and gain full and instant control of all supported streaming services and internet radio platforms, with track information and album art displayed on your device automatically. Deep-level control means you can also edit favorite stations and streams and queue up playlists that will continue to play even if the device you queued it up on isn’t present.

    • Free for Apple iPhone and iPad, and Android devices
    • Full control of Stream Magic network music player
    • Built-in support for streaming music services including BBC iPlayer radio, Aupeo and Pandora
    • Browse and play tracks from UPnP laptops/computers and NAS drives over your network
    • Search, browse and listen to 20,000+ Internet radio stations
    • Artist and song information, as well as album artwork, automatically displayed
    • Create playlists that work even if your device is off or out of network range
    • Add internet radio station presets for easy recall later
  • Cambridge Azur 651P


    Make the most of any turntable, including the most high-end audiophile models with this Moving Magnet & Moving Coil phono preamplifier.


    There’s something uniquely pleasurable about listening to vinyl, something that digital media can’t reproduce in quite the same way. However most hi-fi amplifiers won’t let you plug in a turntable directly. You need to connect via a phono stage (also known as a phono preamp) to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your main amp to work with. But it’s very easy to add noise at this stage, which is why we have designed the 651P using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, amplifying the signal without distorting it or introducing noise.


    The 651P works with all turntables, whichever type of cartridge they use. Like the 551P it works with popular Moving Magnet cartridges. But it also works with Moving Coil cartridges found in the highest-end audiophile turntables offering even more accuracy and detail than Moving Magnet. Additionally, even if your amplifier does have a built-in phono stage, it’s well worth bypassing using the 651P to deliver much greater depth and detail of audio.


    Audio circuitry has been refined with multiple transistors wired in parallel ensuring the lowest possible distortion and noise. A copper shield provides further protection to this extremely sensitive part of the circuitry, limiting the noise that can be injected into the signal. This is especially important with a Moving Coil cartridge because its signal is even quieter and more delicate than Moving Magnet, so it needs even more amplification.


    High-spec multi-parallel capacitors achieve exceptional RIAA accuracy – the industry standard for reproducing vinyl recordings. While a highly accurate, subsonic filter removes the common problem of unwanted low-frequencies that are inaudible but can damage subwoofers.


    In line with Cambridge Audio’s commitment to the environment, a power switch cuts energy consumption to zero when not in use.

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  • Cambridge Azur 851A


    Our flagship integrated amplifier includes 120 watts per channel of Class XD amplification, twin toroidal transformers, and an acoustically damped full metal chassis. All of which helps to bring you pure, clean and powerful sound with outstanding musical detail.


    Class XD is our a proprietary amplifier circuit design which offers superior sound quality currently available from existing amplifier configurations, whilst retaining the high power levels required for truly dynamic performance.

    Class XD (crossover displacement), gives the benefits of pure Class A operation at low levels and eliminates the distortion associated with conventional Class B operation as the fragile audio signal passes though the zero crossing point from transistor to transistor. The result is a smooth and linear transition between the two key operating modes, Class A and B.

    The benefits of this approach give the sonic refinements of Class A operation and the uncompromising efficiency and power of Class B operation. In fact, the 851A delivers a gigantic 120 watts per channel – enough for the most demanding speaker set-up.


    You can control the amplifier from your iPhone, iPad or iPod by simply docking them in our iD100 digital dock. To suit your unique needs the 851A amplifier offers two main types of connectivity, namely RCA/Phono inputs and two pairs of fully balanced XLR connections.


  • Definitive Technology W Studio

    Sound Bar System with Wireless Streaming
    The W Studio sound bar system is Definitive Technology’s flagship
    wireless soundbar that perfectly blends high-performance theater sound
    with hi-resolution musical reproduction. The W Studio’s purposefully
    slim design (only 3.5” deep) is only overshadowed by its fit and finish,
    featuring solid aluminum end caps. The W Studio uses Definitive
    Technology’s proprietary Spatial Array technology that aids in creating
    a high-definition, room-filling 5.1 channel surround sound experience.
    The compact wireless subwoofer creates waves of big bass via its
    downward firing 8-inch woofer, bass port and robust 200 Watt amplifier.
    HDMI switching for both audio and video maximizes this home theater’s
    high performance potential.


    What Obsession Sounds Like
    There’s a fine line between loving music and being obsessed with it.
    When it comes to making music sound the best it can sound, we have a hard
    time believing that good enough is acceptable. It has to be flawless. Perfect.
    Uncompromising. In short, we think it would be crazy to give music anything
    less than everything it deserves.

    Start with one, then add throughout your home
    The W Studio is part of Definitive Technology’s Wireless Collection which is an
    all-encompassing solution for distributing audiophile-grade music anywhere or
    everywhere in your home. Stream your favorite music services, internet radio and
    your personal digital music library all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Definitive Technology Apps
    The free Definitive Technology App allows you to mix-and-match speakers with the open PlayFi™ Technology standard and future-proof your home music solution. The Definitive Technology Utility App provides extended functionality, including product firmware updates, source selection (if applicable) and EQ settings for the W Amp.

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  • Polk Omni SB1 Soundbar

    Omni: The First Great-Sounding Wireless Music System

    Voice-optimizing wireless sound bar system. 

    The Omni SB1 with Polk VoiceAdjust™ Technology is a voice-optimizing 3.1 sound bar system that creates a broad, enveloping soundstage for movies, music and more. The SB1’s VoiceAdjust Technology utilizes the optimized 3-speaker array with controllable voice channel level to reproduce clear, crisp dialogue. The included 8” wireless subwoofer gives the SB1 system a rich bottom end while eliminating the clutter of wires.
    Music and Movie Immersion Modes enable you to tailor the bar’s soundfield for a more immersive listening experience.
    Polk’s exclusive Full Complement Bass Technology lets the bar reproduce its lowest range easily, creating a warm, bass-rich timbre at lower distortionand higher volumes.
    SmartBar™ enables your sound bar to learn your TV’s original IR remote control commands so you can control your soundbar with your TV remote (Backup remote included).
    Dolby Digital decoding includes Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0.
    All the music you love, anywhere in your home.

    Music Services

    Stream the most popular online music services including Pandora and Songza. Services like KKBox, QQMusic and Deezer are available in select countries

    The Omni SB1 is part of the Omni Collection, a series of wireless products that allow you to control what you want to listen to from your phone, tablet or computer and stream it wirelessly to any room. Plus, you can start with one and then add throughout your home.

    Polk Omni Apps

    The free Polk Omni App allows you to mix-and-match speakerswith the open Play-Fi™ Technology and future-proof your home music solution. Stream the same music to every room or stream different songs to different rooms. The Polk Omni Utility App gives you extended functionality, including product firmware updates, source selection (if applicable) and EQ settings for the A1 Amp.

  • AudioQuest Dragonfly DAC

    USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp

    Version 1.2 Now Available

    Even smoother and more open sound!

    Among the improvements, the circuitry between the DAC chip and the analog output stage has been refined to create a more direct signal path, leading to even greater transparency and immediacy. Also, the DAC’s power supply has been fortified, which gives the sound more “grip,” and even greater dynamic contrast.

    Beautiful Sound From Any Computer, Anywhere

    • USB Stick-Size Digital-Audio Converter
    • Plays All Music Files: MP3 to High-Res
    • Drives Headphones Directly
    • Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
    • Fixed Output Feeds Preamp or Receiver
    • Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
    • Dual Fixed-Frequency Master Clocks Enable Optimal ‘Clocking’ (Digital Timing) For All Sample Rates

    DragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac® or Windows® PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

    Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

    How DragonFly Does It

    The heart of DragonFly is the 24-bit ESS Sabre™ conversion chip, a high-performance solution that’s typically found in better CD and Blu-ray Disc™ players. DragonFly can accept audio and music files ranging from MP3s and CD-standard 16-bit/44kHz to native 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, regardless of music file format.  If your computer’s software can recognize and play a format, DragonFly will make it sound its best.

    However, high-quality digital-audio conversion alone isn’t why DragonFly sounds great. How the audio data is transferred from the computer to DragonFly required particular attention from DragonFly’s design team. Remember that digital audio is stored on computers and delivered to DragonFly as streams of 1’s and 0’s. Making beautiful music out of 1’s and 0’s isn’t a case of simply getting all the music data from point A to Point B. Maintaining subtle digital timing relationships is crucial in order to be able to reconstruct the analog waveform that we hear as dialog or music.

    Timing errors have long been the plague of digital audio playback, never more so than in recent years as computers have been pressed into service as audio source components. DragonFly uses a very sophisticated “asynchronous*” USB audio data transfer protocol. Rather than sharing crucial audio “data clocking” functions with the computer, DragonFly alone commands the timing of the audio data transfer, dramatically reducing digital timing errors. In addition, not all audio content is encoded at the same native resolution or “sample rate. ” DragonFly uses two discrete onboard “clocks” so that the math algorithms used to convert the digital audio data to analog are always optimized for the native sample rate of the audio file or stream being played. This ensures the least amount of mathematical manipulation to the native audio data, which results in fewer errors and better sound.  A smart LED indicator on DragonFly shows the resolution of the incoming signal.

    While the digital domain is where your computer- based music experience starts, the analog domain requires attention too.  Digital volume controls too often reduce signal resolution and decrease sound quality.  Even when the iTunes volume slider is used, DragonFly’s high-resolution analog volume control carries out the instructions in the analog domain for the best sound quality. And DragonFly’s analog circuits are direct-coupled from the ESS converter chip’s output, avoiding the need for any extraneous, sonically degrading components in the signal path.

    All of these refinements allow DragonFly to make music with a natural solidity and clarity that is dramatically superior to the sound you would hear from your computer on its own.

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