Management Strengths: Founded by Francis Yee, our Managing Director, Unicorn has emerged as the most active and successful player in the market today. By virtue of the skills and backgrounds of its key professionals, as well as the experience of managing such a wide network of dealers with so many leading brands, Unicorn has developed a set of core competencies which would be exceptionally useful in the repositioning of any under-performing brand in the market as a pre-eminent brand.

Superior Experience: The founding members of Unicorn have collectively over 70 years of dedicated retail and distribution sales experience in the consumer electronics market. Having been through several business cycles in the last thirty years, these individuals have spent virtually their entire careers within this business and have a depth of experience across product classes and geographic areas.

Strong Supply Chain Management Skills: Joshua Lim has a Master of Engineering from Cambridge University and has worked with both Institute of Manufacturing, University of Cambridge and DG Research of the European Commission on policy recommendation for the electronics industry in the EU-15 countries. He has also worked with Invensys, Grant Instrument, Crofton Pallets and Granta Design while in the UK, dealing with business strategy and manufacturing systems issues. He is able to deliver sophisticated, senior, hands-on value creation at the supply chain process.

Well-Respected Reputation: In light of its acquisition track record in the last 5 years led by our Director of Sales, Eric’s visionary approach, its success with all its brand owners and its high profile within the industry, Unicorn believes that its overall reputation for integrity, speed, fairness and creativity is perhaps its most important core asset. By virtue of this reputation, Unicorn has maintained a critical competitive edge in many ways, including (i) attracting numerous brands worldwide who contact us in the first instance (ii) gaining the confidence of brand owners seeking a “sure commitment” if they were to switch distributors, and (iii) being the first party contacted in proprietary situations by distressed companies in the same industry requiring an unfettered ability to commit large amount of capital for buyout of goods quickly and discreetly.